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Planning your investment strategy

Jumping into the world of investing can be a little intimidating. We can help you plan your investment strategy with easy-to-use tools, objective third-party research and access to knowledgeable specialists.

Understanding the basics

Developing a personalized investment strategy
That will help you pursue your goals means considering a number of choices.
When starting out, it’s important to ask yourself some basic questions:

– What am I investing for?
– How involved will I be in managing assets?
– How much risk am I comfortable with?
– How quickly do I plan on using the funds?

By asking yourself these simple questions
you’ll be able to start narrowing down all of the available choices
And select the one that will help you pursue your goals.

Focusing on your goals

Manage and track your progress

It’s no secret that life changes are going to impact your financial goals. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible to set your goals and stay on track.

Take action

From timeline tweaks to contribution changes, we’ll show you the most impactful actions to help you keep your portfolio on track.

Adjust your plan

Things are constantly changing in your life, which is why we built a goal planning service that grows with you and helps you stay on target.

Living in Retirement Checklist

Monitor investments and prepare for expenses by making sure all the boxes are checked on your Retirement Checklist.

Investing Basics: Technical Analysis

We run organizations where we employ youngsters so they can live their dreams for themselves and their families.

Your options education hub

We believe that education, and employment gives people an inner strength to lead a better life.


We Explain How It Works

Easiest Way to Invest and make profits

At Polaris Bit LIMITED, we are committed to ensuring our clients are kept up-to-date on the latest products, state-of-the-art investment tools, platforms and accounts Financial Services.

Simple Registration

Start by registering a free account on our platform, then login to your account dashaboard.
You’ve selected an account type that can be opened online. We’ll get you everything you need to open your new account. Let’s start with the forms.

make deposit

Make Deposit

Visit your dashboard and click on make deposit, then copy out the payment details and make deposit. Your funds will automatically reflect on your dashboard.

initiate investment

initiate Investment

Visit your dashboard and click on initiate investment, select your desirable investment plan and initiate investment.

Make Withdrawals

Visit your dashboard and click on request withdrawal, insert your correct payment details, amount and send. Minimum withdrawal amount is $50.