Retirement Planning

Aiming to Be the Best

Retirement income solutions for the next generation

A new generation is entering retirement almost entirely dependent on their own savings to meet their income needs. They will need help making sure these savings can generate an income stream that lasts a lifetime. We’re helping to deliver innovative solutions, educational tools and unique insights. 

From saving to spending: navigating a top retirement concern

The bottom line is, secure retirement income solutions can help create better retirements. With them, more and more people can feel confident and experience greater well-being across their entire journey.

Why Polaris Bit Limited for retirement income solutions?

In a world where retirement planning seems increasingly complex, we’re helping to show people how a more secure future is achievable.


Retirement income solutions

We build solutions designed to help provide a more secure retirement.

Simple tools & resources

Our innovative decumulation tools and resources can help deliver outcome-oriented insights.


Industry-leading insight

We provide research focused on retirement including on saving, investing and spending.


A new way to calculate retirement spending potential

Even people who have saved diligently often fail to spend – and enjoy – their savings, at least in part due to the uncertainty of how to make savings last. Polaris Bit Limited developed the LifePath® Spending Tool to help individuals understand their spending potential year-over-year in retirement.

About Polaris Bit Limited retirement

Polaris Bit Limited purpose is to help more and more people experience financial well-being. This starts with helping individuals build savings that serve them throughout their lives.